I remember growing up and Mom taking me to church. All I can remember is being told, "Do this and you will go to hell. Do that and you are going to hell. Don't do this and you are going to hell. Don't do that or you will go to hell." I figured..... what the heck, I'm going to hell anyway. All my friends will be there so we will just air condition the place and skate around on the ice. Then someone told me ..

       'You don't have to be good to go to Heaven." Well that I could relate too. Then he said, "you have to be perfect"' Now that is another story. I said to him that if that is true then no one will go to Heaven, because no one is perfect." He told me that, that was the reason Jesus died on the cross. He died on the cross to pay for what I did wrong.

       He then asked me..."When Jesus died on the cross, how many sins did he pay for? I told him..."Everyone's" he said that, that was not the question.... No Who but How Many. He told me that when Jesus died on the cross he paid for "ALL" sins, Past, present and future. Well if that is true, and it is, then if I accept that payment, then how many sins would be left for me to pay for. I not a genius in math, but I know that if you have ALL and take away ALL, that leaves Zero. He then said...

       "If we have no sins to pay for because Jesus paid for them, where would be go when we die? He mentioned a prayer I could pray that would settle it once and for all. He said I didn't have to pray out loud or go down to the front of the church, just silently in my heart, Because only God would hear it... Something like this:

       "Jesus, I don't understand it all, no one does, but the best I know how I accept the payment you made for me when you died on the cross. In your name I pray, Amen"
On the authority of God's Word if you pay that prayer... You will spend an eternity with God in Heaven. Just a thought. 

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